We were absolutely thrilled when we stumbled across Gnubees. A Canadian
small business that has created nutritious on-to-go shakes - what could be
better. The real testament was the taste testing.

We went ahead and ordered a sampler pack and it absolutely blew our expectations. It was even approved by the toughest critic in the house - my mini teen. These are incredible for any busy family and a great addition to our child care packages.

As much as we love hospital food, its pretty fantastic to have a healthy alternative.

Each pouch contains 6 grams of whey protein & 3 grams of fibre - not only providing balanced nutrition but also sustained energy (ie. no sugar peaks or crashes)

Made with milk, sweetened with a touch honey for a smoothie that even picky eaters enjoy.

9-12g of sugar per pouch (1/3 the sugar amount when compared ounce per ounce to other juices, smoothies and purees)

All natural, clean ingredients - no empty calories and all the good stuff.

Check out Gnubees today!