Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between purchasing and sponsoring a care package?

You can purchase a package and have it delivered to a hospital, care facility or residence. We can ship anywhere in Canada. You can also sponsor a package for us to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

How how sponsored packages delivered?

Great question! We are a RMH family and stay at the house often. We will either be taking the care packages on one of our family trips or plan on doing a planned quarterly delivery.


Can you customize your care package?

We don't currently have the option to customize but stay tuned for exciting things to come! We plan on expanding our options in the near future,

Do you have gender specific care packages?

Our packages are developed to be gender neutral. Many of our products are scentless or have a light scent in an effort to respect sensitive care environments.

Do the snacks come in allergy friendly options or support restricted diets?

We try hard to find products that support common allergies but we advise you to read packaging and check in with physicians if on a specialized/restricted diet.

How do you source products?

One of our goals was to find as many small business 'hidden gems' as we could to promote in our products - whether we fell in love with their products or their organizational values.

Why might my package contain different items then what's pictured?

We do our best to provide quality products by vetting the products ourselves and listening to our customers. Based on valued feedback and product availability, we will be constantly modifying contents to ensure we are providing the best care packages.

I have an awesome small business product I'd like to show you!

We are always searching for amazing small businesses and partnerships. Please contact us if you have something that might be the perfect fit,

I have a recommendation on contents that might be really helpful to someone.

Our packages are developed based on research and feedback. If you have a suggestion or something you would like to share, please reach out!

I have a special request for my package.

We will absolutely try our very best to accommodate special requests. You can leave a comment at checkout or send us an email at hello@deliveringsunshine.ca



Where are you located?

Our home base is in the stunning Okanagan (but unfortunately we can't ship fresh fruit or wine)!

When will my package be delivered?

Once you place an order, we will fulfill the request within 1-2 business days (during our shipping partners business days and hours).

We strive to have packages delivered as soon as reasonably practical but can't control unexpected mail delays with our shipping partners. If you are concerned about delivery, please contact us.

Can you send a package anonymously?

Absolutely! Please add your request on the notes section at check-out.

Can I ship to a nursing home or a physical residence?

We can ship to any physical location (shipping is calculated at checkout). 

How long will my package take to be delivered?

We strive to support the mental and physical health of our friends and family members so getting these packages out as soon as possible is priority. 

We try to have packages delivered as soon as reasonably practical (within 2-3 business days) but can't control unexpected mail delays with our shipping partners. If you are concerned about delivery, please contact us.

Have another question? Please contact us!

Have a story to share, we love hearing your stories. They are so special to hear and learn how a care package is/would be important to your family.