5-4-3-2-Ok, I'm already crying!

This week has been incredible.

Following a news article on Castanet, I have received so many amazing messages sharing personal stories about how these care packages could have helped someone close. I can't even describe the emotion I feel reading each one of these stories. I wish I could reach out and just hug the family members. Not only do I appreciate the time someone took to reach out and explain their story, the support for Delivering Sunshine means the world to me.

When I shared my story with the reporter on Castanet, I couldn't help but feel vulnerable. I still struggle to talk about our journey for many reasons. Naturally, it brings up feelings of one of the hardest times in my life. I also know that not every parent gets to bring home their child and not every family gets to bring home their parent or grandparent. For that, I am very fortunate and have so much empathy for those families. Lastly, it feels a tad odd sharing a story like ours without feeling like you are asking for sympathy.

I was chatting with a close family member last night and was sharing my thoughts. After talking it out, I realized that this is just our story. This is my 'why' and what gives me butterflies every time I see an order come through. It's ok to feel vulnerable because life can be hard. It's ok to share personal experience or times we felt vulnerable. Mental health is arguably just as important as our physical health.

Over the last year, I have had some friends share things they are going through and struggling with but adding in a comment about not wanting to share because of what we had / are experiencing. It would break my heart knowing they were struggling but didn't want to 'burden' me. No matter what we are going through, we should always have space for others.

I saw a post not long ago that really stuck with me so I'm going to finish up my first blog by sharing it.

'My hard is hard. Your hard is hard. There is no comparison or definition of hard. All that matter is that we pick each other up during the hard times.'

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